Chippewa County Harm Reduction Program

In June, Chippewa County Harm Reduction Program and LMASDHD Harm Reduction program presented at the EUP-ORC Consortium to discuss their efforts across the EUP region. Both programs have had great success even after having to brainstorm new approaches due to Covid-19. They were also joined by Brandon Hool from MDHHS who discussed the benefits and science of Harm Reduction programs but also his own experience and how that program played a large part in his recovery. Please find the PowerPoints for each presentation below as well as a recent article highlighting Monica Eriksen from the LMASDHD Harm Reduction program.

Harm Reduction year 1 data – LMAS District Health Department

Expanding Hard Reduction in the State of Michigan

Syringe Access Program CCHD

Northern Michigan pushback to clean needle programs for drug users