Bay Mills Indian Community

Bay Mills Indian Community hosted their second Naloxone distribution event on March 11th and despite the rainy weather, they were able to distribute over 60 doses of Naloxone as well as bags and kits to community members. The supplies ranged from pop sockets, lanyards, CPR shield masks, t-shirts, medication lock boxes, stress balls, fidget spinners, putty, pamphlets on education/resources, essential oils, Naloxone, beanie hats, face masks, and much more! They are currently trying to host a Naloxone event every 2-3 months and are hoping to have their next one in early May.

They also provide education onsite through Peer Recovery Coaches, to provide information on recovery and try to get people involved in AA/NA services. As well as education on coping mechanisms for stress/anxiety, stages of recovery, education of prenatal substance use, medication assisted treatment, in-patient treatment, referral for services, etc. Cameron Peyton the Chippewa Health Center’s Tribal Opioid Response Project Director, wants people to know that “this is for everyone because it could happen to anyone . Whether it’s at the grocery store, gas station, casino, etc. This education is to help our society fight against addiction and strengthen our community”.

They plan to have 100 bags to distribute in May as well as a grieving tent so people will be able to process grief and talk about the struggles of addiction. To contact Cameron and learn more about their Naloxone distribution events please contact him at