Featuring Guest Speaker Lyle Prouse

For our April Family Forum, Washtenaw FAN invites you to join us for a powerful story of recovery, self-discovery, and personal transformation.

30 years ago, decorated Vietnam veteran and Northwest Airlines Captain Lyle Prouse made national headlines when he became the first airline pilot ever arrested for flying under the influence. He was fired by his airline, stripped of his FAA licenses, tried, convicted, and sent to federal prison for 16 months.

From respected pilot to national disgrace and subsequent return to the cockpit, Lyle will share his remarkable story of recovery and how others may do the same:

“My story had more miracles than anybody’s I’ve ever heard. There can be no worst-case scenario than mine. No airline pilot could have been more embarrassed and humiliated, no profession more demeaned, no one could have done more damage than I did. And if (these miracles) can happen for me, they can damn sure happen for people in lesser circumstances.”