Thank you for registering for the free, virtual training “An Introduction to Treating Patients with Buprenorphine”! Within a few days of your response submission, you will receive a calendar invitation with a Zoom link.

Trainers Drs. Jonathan Morrow and Sheba Sethi will review epidemiology, stigma and harm reduction, neurobiology of addiction, buprenorphine initiation, general outpatient management of patients with substance use disorders, and buprenorphine treatment for pain.

NOTE: This training is not required to file a Notice of Intent to receive an X-waiver for buprenorphine prescribing.

In the past, providers were required to complete an eight-hour training to qualify for a an DEA X-license to prescribe and dispense buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid use disorder.

As of April 28th, 2021, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that the DATA 2000 buprenorphine course is no longer required to prescribe buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid use disorder for less than 30 patients. Providers wishing to prescribe for more than 30 patients must complete the official DATA 2000 waiver course.

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